Saturday, January 3, 2009

Top 10 Posts of 2008!

I've only been at this a few months, but who says I can't do a Top 10 list like every other blogger in the universe?

And so, in the lazy spirit of those old Seinfeld or Golden Girls clip shows, where they cobble together old stuff without having to put together any new material ... some of Everything Indonesia's most-trafficked posts of the year. Who am I to argue with the people?

Herein and forthwith, in no particular order:

10. Faith and footwear
George W. Bush gets pelted with a size 10 in Iraq

9. The Mideast blows up, again
Old grudges never die

8. Jakarta Index at rock bottom
Everyone's money goes up in smoke

7. The Flores Hobbit
Rare Indonesian find rewrites history of evolution

6. Obama Wins
President-Elect says: Yes we can!

5. Exclusive Interview: Mark Johnson
Expert on timeless wonders of Indonesian art

4. Plight of the Treeman
Javanese villager captures world's imagination

3. Bahasa Indonesia for global language
Let's start a movement!

2. Exclusive Interview: C. Holland Taylor
On Indonesian Islam, past and future

1. Obama's old house
Former Jakarta home on the market - for a price


Alaksir said...

Chris, you've only been writing this blog for a few months, but I'm already faithfully tuned in to your feed. Your posts on travel spots around Indonesia are especially informative and interesting. Bravo! Being an isolated Jakartan whose mundane job prohibits wandering about the archipelago too often and too far, I really appreciate these posts. Keep up the good work!

Christopher Taylor said...

Thanks buddy! I'll do my best! :)