Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indonesia's best resort?

As estimable TV shrink Dr. Phil is fond of saying, you can't fix a problem if you don't acknowledge it. And so, here goes: I have a raging hotel fetish. I love the glossy brochure photos, the list of glorious amenities, the promise of luxury pool cabanas and hot-stone massages. So sue me.

Which brings me to a burning question: What's the most fabulous five-star resort in Indonesia? I'll be rolling out a few candidates at irregular intervals. But to start, here's one I've heard mentioned in quite a few corners: Amanwana.

It's part of the Aman group of ridiculously plush resorts, and is located on tiny Moyo Island, to the east of Bali and off the coast of Sumbawa. There are touches like the Jungle Cove Spa, catered campfire barbecues, and dinner cruises by starlight. But the defining feature is that you don't get a typical hotel suite, but an ultra-luxury 'tent,' with a canvas top, hardwood walls and local Indonesian artwork, all plunked in the lush Moyo jungle with a view of impeccable white sands.

Now for the bad news. Rates are an eye-popping $700 per night for a jungle tent, and $800 for an oceanside spot. But for a moment, let's pretend we didn't lose all our money to Bernie Madoff ... and sign me up!

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Brett said...

My choice is the Dharmawangsa, paradise in South Jakarta. Suites comes with a personal butler!

Christopher Taylor said...

Sounds fab ... I'll tackle them in a future post!

Are the butlers all named 'Jeeves'?

Therry said...

Amanwana is the only place listed by the Travel Channel's top 10 Best Beach Resorts in the world! :P

Christopher Taylor said...

How cool a job is that, picking the top 10 for Travel Channel? I'm available!

Anonymous said...

I went to Amanjiwo in Central Java at the foot of Borobudur Temple. Not really impressed, considering the high praise I've heard and read. I mean the resort is gorgeous and all, but not stunningly different from Losari Coffee Plantation in Magelang where I stayed. The food was ok but not finger licking delicious. The rate starts at USD 600 but if you're a local or work for NGO, you'd get special rate!

On the other hand, I tried to book the Aman resort in Cambodia in December for end January and it's already fully booked!

I'm actually keen to go to one of the Six Senses resorts. *sigh* maybe another time.

Christopher Taylor said...

Six Senses, I haven't heard of them ... more fun homework for me ... can I declare myself an NGO??

Therry said...

@Chris: You bet. Maybe you can apply for a job at the Travel Channel - I'd love to do it as well!