Sunday, January 11, 2009

SBY vs. Megawati: Astrological smackdown

We all know national elections are coming up this year, and that SBY is trouncing competition like Megawati and the Sultan in the polls, thanks to a fortuitious drop in fuel prices. But what do the stars say about the matchup? Canadian astrologer Georgia Nicols has this year's forecast, that might shed some light on the 2009 ballot boxes:

SBY: Virgo

"Work is where you totally shine in 2009. Furthermore, even though all people like to enjoy their work, for you it is especially important. Many of you are quite modest. However, you need to be needed and you find great satisfaction in being useful. Many of you are a bit detached and cautious. Your good-luck factor couldn't come along at a better time. Just when you are seeking the right kind of work (again), and a sense of joy and fulfilment for whatever you do, the heavens are going to help you find this in 2009 and into 2010. Yes! This is the best break you've had regarding your job/work since 1997-98."

Megawati: Aquarius

"Since the turn of the millennium, you've been searching for meaning in your work. By 2005-06, some deserving recognition came your way. Since then you've been determined to improve your status and your reputation in the world. This year is a great time to initiate new projects and expand your activities. You'll enjoy studying anything that will benefit you and raise your consciousness. This Jupiter influence attracts auspicious opportunities and favourable situations for you to use to your advantage. It also magnetizes important people to you--people who can help you and open doors for you ... Your career peak begins in 2013-14, and this is your time of harvest. It's the culmination of wherever you've been putting your energy."

I'm no stargazer myself, but it sounds like Yudhoyono's career peaks this year, while Megawati's doesn't crest for a few years yet. Advantage SBY?

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Therry said...

Dude, what happen to the other signs? Mine's Gemini!

Christopher Taylor said...

Me too ... maybe we're not presidential material??

Therry said...

That's just not fair!!!!

Christopher Taylor said...

C'est la vie ... astrologers say we lack focus ... which is very true!