Monday, January 19, 2009

Starbucks taking over Indonesia

If you're a slave to venti caramel macchiatos or gingerbread nonfat lattes, like me, you're in luck.

If you're in Indonesia, anyways. Back in the States, not so much: The ubiquitous coffee chain is closing stores, paring costs and doing everything it can to boost a slumping stock price. In a cratering economy, overexpansion and high debt levels are very dangerous things. Even with original founder Howard Schultz back at the helm, they're playing it safe and getting back to basics.

But the good folks at Starbucks in Indonesia - if I'm a caffeine addict, are they my drug dealers? - tell me that a 10% expansion is in the works. They're already in big population centers like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Jogjakarta, and Medan. But at only 73 cafes for hundreds of millions of people, they hardly need to worry about saturation at this point.

Conspiracy theorists, take note: In the Austin Powers movie series, Starbucks was actually Dr. Evil's vehicle for global domination. Next time you order a grande Pike Place blend, keep that in mind. :)

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Therry said...

Starbucks is evil! They sell Indonesian-made coffee for thrice the price we pay in our own country! LOL.

Christopher Taylor said...

Now you see where my savings go.

There's no resisting, Therry, succumb to their caffeinated charms ... :)

rimafauzi said...

You can sell shit on a stick in Indonesia, people will buy it and say it's delicious, as long as it has an american or european brand on it.

Christopher Taylor said...

Now there's a business idea .. at least there'd be a continuous supply ...!

Therry said...

shit on a stick? err... what kind of shit exactly, Rim? LOL

Sherwin said...

sadly, I totally agree with rima, haha. luckily, I myself never go just for coffee to starbucks, I can make much better coffee at home.

Hakimtea said...

I like Starbucks but I just like to make coffee by my self at work or home :)

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