Tuesday, December 2, 2008

World AIDS Day & Indonesia

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, and judging from some startling new numbers, Indonesia is going to need a fresh strategy to cope with this deadly disease.

The Health Ministry puts the number of cases nationwide at 18,000; the Association of Indonesian Physicians Concerned About HIV/AIDS puts it at 270,000. That's not just a clerical error ... that's a serious disconnect, that's putting lives at stake.

In fact it's somewhat reminiscent of former South African president Thabo Mbeki, with his ineffectual response to HIV while his nation was ravaged by it. Given the recent push by Papuan legislators to implant sufferers with microchips, it looks like the crisis has left the realm of science and common sense, and is becoming tinged with outright panic.

So the administration needs to get real, get over the stigma, and start working to save lives. AIDS isn't a death sentence like it was in the '80s, but it still can be, if people aren't properly informed about it.

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Therry said...

The Indonesian government's solution to AIDS is to warn people to hold off sex until marriage, and to blame women on absolutely everything when it comes to prostitutions and rapes.

In the meantime, Julia Perez was being criticised for giving out free condoms in her new album, and the Parliament members were having a great time with professional hookers at the Four Seasons.

Ironic, isn't it?

Christopher Taylor said...

Ah, abstinence as the solution to all ... sounds like the family-planning policies of George W. Bush ... irony upon irony!

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