Monday, December 22, 2008

Setback for the Treeman

Not all endings are happy ones. Seems like Dede the 'Treeman,' the Javanese villager famed around the world and featured on a Discovery documentary about his rare medical condition, has suffered some setbacks on his road to wellness.

Dede has bark-like growths over much of his body, giving him the look of a human tree and landing him in a local circus act to survive. But after treatment by American dermatologist Anthony Gaspari, it was discovered he suffers from the very common HPV virus ... but that his immune system was so compromised thanks to genetics, that his body wasn't able to fight it off.

He underwent surgery three times this year, the most recent one removing an amazing six kilograms of warts. Unfortunately they've returned since he returned to his hometown, and he's lost much of his ability to function normally. Drugs also haven't had the desired effect, and so more surgery is in the offing. Dr. Gaspari continues to consult on the case, but unless they hit on the right course of treatment for Dede, it looks like he continues the sad battle with a disease that's already cost him his wife and his job.

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