Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Irresistible adventure travel

Adventure-travel buffs, saddle up. GAP Adventures has uploaded its list of Indonesian options for 2009, and it's a perfectly delectable menu.

In fact there are six adventures on tap, each more excruciating to read about, since with two toddlers I won't be able to go! Nonetheless, here they are, herein and forthwith: Bali Adventure, eight days including climbing Mt. Batur; Discover Lombok, nine days including summiting Mt. Rinjani; Best of Bali and Lombok, 15 days combining the best of both islands; Indonesia Island Hopping, 13 days that includes Komodo and its dragons; West Papua, 15 days in the jungles of the Baliem Valley; and East Indies Sea Trek, 10 days of sailing through Nusa Tenggara.

It's all through the world's biggest adventure-travel company, so presumably you're in safe hands. None is a bargain-basement trip - the new West Papua one runs around $3500 US, for instance - but the lineup sounds like a veritable factory of great travel memories.

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