Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Orangutan Travel: A once-in-a-lifetime trip

Here's an amazing travel opportunity I came across: Not only can you visit the endangered orangutans of Kalimantan (Borneo), but you get Dr. Birute Galdikas as your personal guide and naturalist.

To put that in context, it's kind of like having Stephen Hawking over to chat about the history of the universe, or having Toni Morrison write your Christmas cards. The woman is a living legend, and has almost single-handedly saved the orangutans from extinction.

She's hosting a couple of seven-day trips in July of 2009, which you can read about here and here. The cost is $3395 per person, with airfare within Indonesia included, but you have to get yourself to Jakarta - international airfare is extra.For more info e-mail irene@orangutan.travel, or call 619-574-1371.

Space for each trip is only 13 people, so if you have the cash and the inclination, don't miss the chance to spend some time up close and personal with the famed Borneo orangutans ... and with one of the premier environmentalists on the planet.

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Mr. st4bilo_blue said...

Orang utan kalimantan asli indonesia, perlu di lestarikan dan di jaga cagar tempat hidup mereka, thanx to report my country...


Christopher Taylor said...

Let's hope massive palm oil plantations don't push them off the planet ...!

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