Monday, December 15, 2008

The next Bali, part 432

If I had a nickel every time Lombok was referred to as "the next Bali" ... I'd be a very rich journalist.

Not that the lush island, nestled to Bali's side, doesn't deserve all the attention. But for some reason it's the only trope that makes sense to Western editors. The latest cliche culprit is the Wall Street Journal, following on the heels of the New York Times' version a couple of months back.

In fact the very same phrase was being used when I was lolling around Nusa Tenggara, back around 15 years ago. One of these days it'd be nice to read about Lombok on its own terms, rather than in relation to its Balinese cousin across the straits. But for an American public not used to exotica, perhaps it's the only way Lombok can be located in the psyche.

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