Monday, December 8, 2008

New book on children's rights

There's an intriguing new book coming out that touches on Indonesia, called The Trouble With the Alphabet. The overarching theme is children's welfare, and it's set up so that each letter of the alphabet, such as I for Indonesia, deals with children's rights in that particular nation.

(Are there any countries that begin with X? Q could be Qatar, I guess ... but I digress.)

Each chapter also links to a particular charity in that country, Indonesia's being World Neighbors, which from its website looks to be a bottom-up approach to finding local solutions to poverty. The book was conceived, written and illustrated by Colorado artist Caryn West, and you can buy it here.

In fact the project is so planet-conscious, that it was even manufactured using wind energy. A great stocking-stuffer for Al Gore!

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Brett said...

So what do you think of it? Can you share an extract on Indonesia?

Christopher Taylor said...

Let me muscle them and get an excerpt for you!

Since it looks like a coffee-table-type book of $70 or so, I haven't gotten one in my greedy little hands ...

Congrats on the article you mentioned on your site, by the way, I didn't know you were such a bigshot. :)