Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get Obama some nasi goreng, stat!

The news that U.S. president-elect Barack Obama has a hankering for nasi goreng, bakso and rambutan - no joke - has got my taste buds flowing.

Thankfully the consulate-general here in New York has a useful roundup of Indonesian eats in the city. There aren't that many, especially in comparison to Chinese takeout eateries that dot pretty much every block. But at least there are a handful where you can mainline your daily fix of tempeh, gado-gado, or mi goreng.

I can only personally vouch for two - Bali Nusa Indah on 9th Ave., and Java Indonesia Rijstaffel on 7th Ave in Brooklyn, which ironically is just down the block. Fine establishments, both. And there's a strange collection of restaurants in the Queens enclave of Elmhurst, which must mean a thriving Indonesian community out there.

As long as we're on the subject of Indonesian cuisine, check out Evi Nasution's food blog here. She's Indonesian, in Winnipeg, and misses home, so give her some moral support! And NYC chef Mark Tafoya recently went to Pesta Blogger 2008 in Jakarta, as one of five foreign bloggers from around the world - lucky duck - so visit his Indo musings here.

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rimafauzi said...

My friend who lives in new york said that there is a Padang restaurant in New York that has a really authentic taste.

I remember living in the big apple but never finding any indonesian restaurants back then.

but really, our food is awesome, and im not just saying this cos im indonesian, i mean i like cuisines from other countries as well, but we do have a very wide range of food, very different from one island to another, but it's all good!

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Christopher Taylor said...

I agree, flavors you don't get anywhere else ... although I never developed a taste for durian ... :)

Indonesia-Eats said...

I grew up with durian and I fasted from durian for years in Indonesia, since the smell made me puke :D. However, I miss that smell since I moved to Canada ^_^

Too bad, the durian that I found in Asian markets here are not as good as in Indonesia. Too fruity in taste!