Sunday, October 19, 2008

Surprise smash: Rainbow Warriors

When you're looking for original ideas on the big screen, best not to look to the usual film factories like Hollywood (or India's Bollywood, for that matter). Case in point: Laskar Pelangi, or Rainbow Warriors, a groundbreaking Indonesian film that's turned into an out-of-the-box hit.

A thumbnail sketch: It's about a group of kids struggling to get an education on the island of Belitung, and is based on the novel by Andrea Hirata. Not your typical blockbuster plot, but you wouldn't know it from the box-office receipts, since two million Indonesians have already bought tickets.

In fact it's on track to become the local version of all-time box-office champ Titanic, surpassing reigning king Ayat-Ayat Cinta, or Verses of Love, a chick flick that pulled in three million moviegoers. Rainbow Warriors producer Mira Lesmana is using the tide of popularity to push for the movie's central theme, of accessible education for all. After all, there's no law (except maybe in major American studios) saying you can't embed a terrific story with an important social message.

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