Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Indonesian Idol musings

I'm ashamed to admit I follow American Idol as much as any other mouth-breathing knucklehead. Which got me wondering about whether there's an Indonesian Idol.

Silly question ... of course there is, just like there is in every nation on the planet. In fact I think the brains behind American Idol and Britain's Pop Idol - Nigel Lythgoe, Simon Fuller, Fremantle Media and the rest of the gang - are secretly bent on world domination. Putting subliminal messages into sugary pop songs, implanting microchips in contestants' brains to ensure maximum docility, etc.

But now that I'm up to speed on the glorious victories of Joy Destiny Tobing, Mike Mohede, Ihsan Tarore, Rini Wulandari, and Januarisman, I'm overcome with curiosity. Who's the Indonesian equivalent of vapid host Ryan Seacrest? Of strung-out judge Paula Abdul? Of dream-destroying Simon Cowell?

Someone has to fill me in, because from New York City, Idol overlords only deign to tell me about all-American products like David Cook, Jordin Sparks, and Kelly Clarkson ... at least, that is, until the next robo-artist emerges from their secret underground factory.

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