Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama on a roll

With every new poll that comes in, it looks more and more like the U.S. will have its first-ever President with some significant knowledge of, and experience with, Indonesia.

Barack Obama is holding onto traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, successfully wooing tossup states like Ohio and Florida, and even making inroads into red-state bastions like Indiana and North Carolina. Check out the site Five Thirty Eight, which now projects a more than a 90% chance that the Democrat will take the White House.

As they say, though, a week is a lifetime in politics, and we've got a few of those left to go. Throw in the so-called "Bradley effect," which accounts for frequent last-minute swings towards white candidates over African-American opponents, and no one really knows how the electoral-college votes are going to shake out.

But it's looking very possible that a landslide is taking shape, largely thanks the economic explosion that is not only affecting American families of all stripes, but is threatening to drag the nation down from its hyperpower status. Now that Obama is within striking distance, I wonder, is this horrific mess something he really wants to preside over? Be careful what you wish for ...

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