Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pilates in Paradise

God knows with the plunging economy, the two-year-long election campaign, two wars, and everything else about our anxious world, Americans could use a break.

So here's a tempting one, sent in by reader Tannis Kobrinsky. It's a May 25-June 6, 2009 getaway to Bali that mixes luxury travel with intensive pilates and yoga classes. The group (maximum 20) will have stops at Uluwatu and Hotel Tugu Bali in the south, Pemuteran and Tamansari Cottages in the north, and Ubud and Bagus Jati in the island's cultural center. Along the way, unique diversions like taking elephant rides, visiting monkey temples, swimming with dolphins, and a savoring a few legendary Balinese dance performances.

It's all organized in conjunction with Diane Embree's Bali Barong Tours, named Bali's top travel specialist by Conde Nast Travel. Sadly, since I'm a) not flexible enough for Pilates and b) raising my crazy two-year-old boy, your humble author won't be able to participate. But check it out here, have some gado-gado for me, and send a postcard ...

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Brett said...

Tugu... *sigh*

I hear they've opened one on Lombok as well.