Friday, October 24, 2008

4th World Love goes to Lombok

If ever you feel like you're not doing anything with your life, here's something to make you even more depressed.

Meet Misty Tosh, who in addition to producing film and TV projects, organizing pilates retreats, and sailing around the world, has set up a terrific NGO called 4th World Love. Looks like it's the flipside of traditional top-down international development, and promotes the radical idea that maybe those in developing nations know what their villages need the most.

Enter Sembalun, a town on the island of Lombok and in the shadow of Mt. Rinjani. Fourth World has opened a community center there, which will house a library and fair-trade cafe as well as classes for English and computer skills. They're accepting donations of clothes, books, and school supplies for the village (as well as cash, natch); interested parties can even sign up to spend time in the village, as part of an ongoing rotation of Fourth World volunteers. And get this, those who chip in $100 get a chance to win a 10-day trip of a lifetime to Bali and Lombok.

Hats off to Misty Tosh and the folks of Lombok, who indeed are among the friendliest of the archipelago. But shame on you for making the rest of us look bad ...!

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Brett said...

i love her and hate her at the same time! b@tch! :))