Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spotlight: Hotel Sedona Manado

Time for a guessing game. The newest winner of Indonesia's best resort, from the World Travel Awards?

Seems I gave it away by the title of the post, but it's the Hotel Sedona in the diving Mecca of Manado, beating out a number of better-known luxury chains. Those rival general managers must be gnashing their teeth.

Perched at the top of North Sulawesi, far from Jakarta's bustle and smog, Manado is known mainly by scuba divers and snorkelers for its rich undersea life. The hotel and its 247 suites are only a couple of years old, part of a hotel network that's prominent in Asian locales like Myanmar and Vietnam.

I don't know much about the Sedona chain, but given that its Manado resort fronts a fabulous private lagoon, and boasts diving that's perhaps unparalleled on the planet, I can only assume that the World Travel Awards know what they're talking about.

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Anonymous said...

We've stayed in that hotel in 2007 for our friend's wedding. It's massive, really really big I couldn't actually pinpoint the perimeter. The swimming pool is gigantic as well. And yes it's really beautiful. However it's in the middle of nowhere, took us forever to go to city center.

And when we were there, it seemed pretty quiet!