Friday, November 7, 2008

Whither Indonesian airlines?

In my travels I've never seen anything particularly egregious about Indonesian airlines, and in fact I've quite liked Garuda. In comparison I've risked my life on some real clunkers, like airlines from Bhutan and Bangladesh, where they're still working on the idea of proper cabin pressure.

Seems like the European Commission, though, has a different stance on Indonesian airline safety. In fact they have a blanket ban on local airlines travelling to EU countries, which is a crushing blow in a tough economy. Even at the best of times, airlines face a very difficult path to profit.

RI is doing its best to try to overturn the ban, lobbying the EU ferociously on the subject at the recent ASEM summit. They're coldblooded about it, though, and it looks like there are no changes imminent, at least until Indonesia revises its transportation laws in the interest of passenger safety.

Granted, some progress has already been made by Garuda, Merpati and Airfast, with some airlines achieving a supposed grade of 35. But when European authorities are looking for a score of 65, that's hardly passing with flying colors.

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Brett said...

Garuda is SEA's best kept secret: business class to Hong Kong for $800?! I am a big fan of Garuda and am yet to have a bad experience. I think they had a bad run, which revealed some serious issues, and which they have addressed. The news over the past year ( shows that no-one is immune. As for the rest? Well, I'm not so sure you would get me on Lion Air ( or Batavia ( any time soon!

peter said...

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