Friday, November 14, 2008

Say it ain't so, Rihanna!

Terrorists have claimed another, unlikely victim: Rihanna's upcoming Jakarta show.

With Indonesia on alert after the execution of the three Bali bombers, some countries have put out travel advisories about visiting. Until the situation shakes out, and we see if Jemaah Islamiyah or brother organizations take any revenge, many diplomats are saying it's best to be cautious.

And so, the sultry R&B songstress from Barbados has canned her performance, saying security wasn't up to par. Perhaps understandable, since the 20-year-old doesn't really want to get caught in the nexus of international politics, religion and terror. She just wants to sing 'Umbrella', God dammit!

Refunds are available for disappointed concert-goers, or you can wait until January or February, when she plans to come back. But if I was Rihanna, it's not the Smiling Bombers I'd be wary of. What about Indonesia's new anti-smut bill, which takes aim at women dressing scantily in public? That's her whole schtick!

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