Monday, September 22, 2008

Ultimate Hideaway: Contender # 2

From Bali, reader Tandy Ringoringo sends in another contender for Indonesia's ultimate hideaway: The Bhanuswari Resort & Spa. It's far from frantic tourist spots, amid terraced rice fields about 10 minutes from Ubud.

When I was in Bali visiting a friend from my Canada World Youth days (greetings Ni Made Sumartini!), I definitely enjoyed the vibe of Ubud, a culturally rich town that's a gear down from the rest of the island. Looks like the Bhanuswari Resort takes full advantage: On its activities menu are lessons in local cooking, dance, music, wood carving, batik fabric-making, and even Hindu prayer. For more energetic types, river rafting or volcano bike trips.

From the furnishings crafted from local coconut trees, to its on-site organic garden that supplies the restaurant, to the staff that come from nearby Tengkulak village, it's all about being local and sustainable instead of cookie-cutter and manufactured. Better than a Marriott, wouldn't you say?

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