Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama's mom: The untold story

If you listen to the U.S. presidential campaigns, all we know about Barack Obama's mother is a thumbnail sketch. A single mom, white, from Kansas, who once had to apply for food stamps. That's about it.

But I ran across this recent article in Hawaii, about Stanley Ann Dunham and her work. An extraordinary woman who did extraordinary things, which makes you wonder why her achievements have barely been discussed at all. For example: She was a PhD recipient who helped pioneer microfinance in Indonesia, securing loans for poor women to build their own handicrafts business and work their way out of poverty. Oh, and a program officer for the Ford Foundation, and a staffer for Women's World Banking, which assisted microfinance projects worldwide.

Say what? Maybe this is information non grata because it's too international, too foreign, for the voters who will pull the lever for president in November. Whatever the reason, hats off to Barack Obama's mother, her lifelong passion for Indonesia, and to those who aren't afraid to share her wonderful story.

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Jakartass said...

Have you got another URL for the bank Indonesia story, Chris?